Advice and Assistance for Business

Studio Legale Novelli is focused primarily on providing services to Business. In addition to the provision of all possible legal services, we also provide advice in business management where necessary, such as improving the optimisation of resources and expenditure, in order to increase productivity and result
From the most complex schemes and projects to the more standard matters involved in everyday business, the law firm provides the necessary legal and operational insights, calling upon our extensive tools to deliver guidance and solutions.
Independence, timeliness and passion are our characteristics.

Civil, Commercial and Contract Law

Studio Legale Novelli assists our clients, whether they are companies or individuals, at all stages of negotiation, drafting and conclusion of commercial contracts. Our assistance includes, but is not limited, to: contracts for the supply, distribution, trade, financing, agency, tendering, confidentiality procedures, licensing and sponsorship, etc.

Corporate Law

Studio Legale Novelli provides clients with a structured and comprehensive service, offering advice on all aspects of corporate law: company constitution, the drafting of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements, as well as disposals, acquisitions, mergers, leases of businesses or business units, as well as assistance in voluntary liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings
Studio Legale Novell’s expert lawyers also have experience in providing their knowledge to company directors and shareholders on matters relating to a company’s financial balance, any internal conflicts between the subsidiary organs and controlling power of a company, as well as issues concerning corporate restructuring.
Studio Legale Novelli also offers clients assistance with the establishment and development of start-up companies and related branches and representative offices globally. This support includes the creation of associative groups and joint ventures, both contractual and corporate. We provide targeted advice to identify the most suitable tools for the specific needs of each individual client, and in doing so are able to adapt our services for each particular case.


Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law and Proceedings

Studio Legale Novelli is able to take responsibility for the management of all issues concerning financial difficulties and the insolvency of companies, including company restructuring and debt consolidation and company reorganisation. We also provide assistance to commercial clients in insolvency proceedings, such as bankruptcy, arrangements with creditors, and compulsory administrative liquidation, in relation to the management of insolvency litigation.

Employment Law

Studio Legale Novelli provides clients with a consolidated service in all areas of employment law, from the perspectives of both employer and employee. In particular, the Firm provides assistance and advice with regard to problems that concern the management of employees. This expertise extends to issues concerning recruitment, remuneration, cases of suspension and termination of employment, disciplinary procedures, relations with trade unions, and procedures in the event of a corporate crisis. We work to help our Clients anticipate and avoid disputes, with the aim of increasing the optimum management of human resources, whilst offering, in the event of conflict, an efficient and high quality service.

Civil Litigation, Commercial and Tax Law

Studio Legale Novelli provides clients with assistance on matters relating to judicial proceedings in connection with litigation and arbitration, where civil, commercial and tax issues are concerned. We involve the Client in the drafting of administrative papers and the discussion of procedural strategies, ensuring experience and professionalism in the management of hearings before all national and international Courts.

Real Estate

Studio Legale Novelli has for many years been active in the field of real estate and property transactions and has developed considerable experience with all legal and practical issues in this area.
The extensive experience in this sector, gained through years of practice, has enabled the Firm to develop a wide network of contacts, ensuring a productive collaboration with the property sector.
Studio Legale Novelli offers a complete and inclusive service, assisting and advising the client at every stage of their matter.